Sunday, November 27, 2011

Podcast Episode 5!

Episode not 6 of the podcast! Geddy is in fact not too far away from a microphone but is a lurking ghoul listening in and occasionally giving his thoughts on wrestling... or something. The glory that is Sean Wilson oddly becomes the central focus of the episode and everyone should be okay with that. Subscribe! Consume!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

NWC Figure Fraction - Batman Legacy Edition Two Pack Arkham City Batman and Two-Face

Hey everybody, Geddy here with the latest edition of the NWC Figure Fraction. I have smoothed out my SD card reader issues, so don't expect anymore weird filler columns in lieu of actual reviews. For the second NWC figure review, I decided to go with a really awesome two pack I acquired a few weeks back. Who's in the two pack? Well, you read the title, but still, I wanted to do this...

There's just one problem...
You're talkin' to the wrong Harvey...

 Sorry, I couldn't resist referencing The Animated Series Two-Face, I love him too much. Anyway, the two pack is from the Batman Legacy series, and it's based off the designs of Two-Face and Batman from Arkham City!

Now, I absolutely adore Two-Face. He's my favorite comic book villain of all time, arguably the most compelling character in the Batman mythos, and his design is awesome if done correctly (Bad guys in suits are always cool). I've wanted a figure of him for a long time, but aside from the Batman TAS figures and the one DCUC figure that's impossible to find, there aren't many figures of ol' Harvey. On top of the fact that it included Two-Face, this two pack looked even more amazing to me because it came with a sweet Arkham City style Batman as well, and I absolutely love Batman's Arkham City/Asylum design. These figures looked awesome in the package when I first saw them, so I was expecting great things. Arkham City rules, and you should buy it if you haven't, by the way. This will sort of be a joint review, where I'll rank each figure seperately, and give an average for both of them at the end.

See if these figures lived up to my expectations after the jump!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Ink Spill No.3

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the third installment of The Ink Spill! For anyone who is steadily following the podcast and is upset by the fact that we haven't put out a new episode, fret not! A new episode of the podcast will be up before the end of this weekend! So see? It's okay, stop crying... eat your turkey, go ahead finish it. Finishit!

-No.1 Aquaman #3
art: Ivan Reis
  It's a week of threes' for DC as the New 52 Aquaman run hits its' 3rd issue. Ivan Reis has done some stellar stuff working on Green Lantern and this cover is one of the most dynamic I've seen being released this week. While I'm not crazy about the coloring, the rendering is certainly there and colors are usually the least significant factor for me in a cover. Overall great stuff visually coming out this aquatic facet of DC's massive overhaul.

Publisher: DC - Available: November 23, 2011

Hit the jump for more ya big turkey!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

NWC Figure Fraction: Evaluations of Upcoming Toys

Hey everybody, Geddy here with a slightly odd edition of the NWC Figure Fraction. Due to my camera issues, I can't post an actual figure review on the site this week. Rather than not post anything, I figured for this week only, I would steal Scott's Ink Spill format/idea, and give my opinion on some upcoming figures from various companies. I won't normally be doing things like this, but like I said, there's no way I can post an actual review this week, so this is the next best thing.

Masters of The Universe Classics Demo-Man
Company: Mattel
Release: December 2011


I figured December's Masters of The Universe Classic figure was a good starting point for this lil' feature, because I'm really really excited for him. For those who aren't knowledgeable in MOTU lore, Demo-Man is an evil creature from the realm of Despondos that Princess of Power villain Hordak fused with He-Man's uncle Keldor to turn the young Sorcerer into Skeletor. If that sounds confusing... It sort of is. However, regardless of how odd the backstory is, this figure looks inarguably amazing. Mattel is notorious for reusing the same parts for multiple figures. They're doing that here, but everything is incorporated well enough that you hardly even notice. Plus, DM has a lot of new stuff. The new headsculpt is amazing, looking kind of sort of like Skeletor, but a little bit more monstrous and organic. The blade is awesome, as is the mace. They're really imposing looking weapons. The massive weapons, combined with all of his armor and the overall bulkiness of MOTUC figures in general, give Demo-Man a really cool, imposing look. He also comes with a Skeletor head in the style of MOTU comic book artist Alfredo Alcala. The Skeletor head is awesome. He looks totally vicious and crazy. DM also has this odd second head that I'm sure we'll get an explanation for in his bio. Overall, this is a figure I need to own. Mattel made a ton of new parts, and Demo-Man is a very interesting character in the MOTU mythos. I believe he drops December 15th, and I'll be ordering him that day.

For more pre-release plastic evaluation, hit the jump!

Mini-Cast Mishap

So I just realized (just meaning last night as I pushed my naked lover Alfonse off of me at four in the morning after a heated gay sex marathon) that things have been somewhat falling off of schedule here at the Nerd World headquarters. One of those things being the end of the week mini-cast that we have been trying to do to supplement the longer weekly podcast.
Frankly, I'm aware that no one cares at all whether we put up a mini-cast, or a regular podcast for that matter, but still I guess it's the principle of the thing that has me peeved. Yeah I just said peeved, cry about it. Anyway, depending on how things go we might not continue it as a regular feature or we may get our shit together and do it as a weekly thing. Either way you fans are what's important. So please keep giving your overwhelming support and continue throwing tons of money and love our way. Thank you so much.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad News for Figure Fraction

So I hate to go off schedule after only doing it once, but there's going to be a slight delay in the Figure Fraction this week. I'm having issues getting the pictures onto my computer, so until I can smooth them out, the Fraction will not be posted. However, the day I get the pictures on, I will make and post the review. Check periodically for updates, and until then, sate yourself with Ink Spills, Podcast Episodes, and the first Figure Fraction. Until I get my crappy SD card reader to work, have fun with that stuff, and Welcome to Your Doom.


The Ink Spill No.2

   The second installment of NWC's weekly feature The Ink Spill! As always, these covers reflect my personal taste toward the aesthetic of the art and are not intended to be judgements on any particular title. This week will mark the first issue of The Ink Spill that features a top pick. What is it? Why don't you just read on and find out, punk?

No.1- The Incredible Hulk #2
art: Mark Silvestri 

   What better way to start the weekly feature than with the Hulk fighting sharks? Nothing, that's what. Anyone who's even remotely familiar with Mark Silvestri's work on the Hulk will appreciate the super tight, almost sketchy rendering at work in this cover. Silvestri is, I think, one of the best artists there is right now at translating his interior page style to his cover work. His lines, framing, and overall sense of dynamism are present in equal measure within his pages and his covers, and need I remind you that this cover features the Hulk fighting sharks!?... didn't think so.

Publisher: Marvel - Available: November 16, 2011

You want more comic art? Well just hit the jump you greedy little bastards.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Podcast Episode 4!

Episode 4 of the Nerd World Country Podcast is here! Scott and Geddy yet again talk about Batman but spice up the chat with Tosh.0, PETA, and... Batman? Scott also lets Geddy know how much he enjoys his wardrobe choice for the evening (it was a Thundercats shirt since none of you were there to see it).

Figure Fraction/Ink Spill Update

Hey everybody, just wanted to let y'all know that the Figure Fraction and Ink Spill will most likely be up tomorrow. Look out for that figure review, because it will be Batman related, like much of the nonsense on this site. But what iteration of Batman? Find out tomorrow. Also, Podcast should be up later today. Give it a listen, and Welcome to Your Doom!

- Geddy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Something, something... duty

   Somewhat relevant to the discussion we had about Call Of Duty in episode 3 of the podcast, for anyone who cares. Just figured I'd put it out there that we're (or at least I'm) not completely biased against the franchise. I don't think fervent fandom for the sake of it is something that has any merit to it, but being on the opposing side just to be obstinate is equally if not more so a waste of time and energy.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Scott's Guest Appearance on the WAFC podcast!

Scott does a guest episode on his longtime friend's podcast. Arkham City, comic conventions, and Mark Hamill's ability to induce nerd boners are the prime focus.

You like that? You want more? Well head on over to Will's site and listen to other nerd nuggets he's got floatin' around in his podcast via the handy links below.

And of course we'll be periodically throwing shit up here as we feel like it. So stay tuned for that, or don't.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Podcast Mini-cast Episode 1

The first episode of the end of the week mini-cast! A condensed wrap up of things that have gone on with us this week and what we're looking forward to in the nerd-future! Don't forget to subscribe through iTunes, like our facebook page, and tell us how much you hate us directly on the site!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

NWC Facebook Page - LIKE IT!

Nerd World Country now has its very own Facebook page! Show your support for us dweebs by liking it! If the FB page gets enough likes, you can check there for updates and so forth as well! Thanks in advance to all who like it, and Welcome to Your Doom!

- Geddy

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ink Spill No.1

This is the first installment of The Ink Spill, something I'll hopefully be doing weekly or at least biweekly. I've tried to limit myself to including books being released this week and rounding up the covers that strike me the most. I'm only including books based on cover aesthetic and I'm not making overall judgments on any title. Enjoy!

No.1 - Batman: Streets of Gotham TBP Vol. 02 Leviathan
art: Dustin Nguyen
 While I haven't kept up with this book, I absolutely love Dustin Nguyen's unique, almost blocky style of handling Batman and this cover shows how strong he can be in both traditional inked art and more painterly images. Damien Wayne is by far my least favorite Robin but not surprisingly Nguyen makes me like him a little bit more with his mature rendering.

Publisher: DC - Available: November 9, 2011

Hear Scott's artistic opinion on a few more covers, after the jump! 

Podcast Episode 3

Scott and Geddy talk about Frank Miller's 300 prequel, problems with Call of Duty, Scott's growing excitement about Skyrim, and why Aqua Teen Hunger Force might be the greatest show to ever exist. Subscribe to the Nerd World Country Podcast and get some nerd food in your noggin!

NWC Figure Fraction - One Piece Portrait of Pirates Strong Franky

Hey all you nerds and geeks, Nerd World Country's Geddy Cahoon here with the inaugural installment of what we hope will be a consistent, weekly feature on NWC, The NWC Figure Fraction! I am a HUGE fan of action figures and collecting, so I figured to pad the site out with some more content in between podcast episodes, I would review an action figure every week. Scott came up with the name (He does most of the grunt work for the site) "Figure Fraction," due to his love of alliteration I assume. I thought a good figure to start with would be a One Piece statue, to show that I am a SERIOUS COLLECTOR.

I will say unabashedly and unapologetically that One Piece is my favorite THING ever. I own a good deal of merchandise, and every American One Piece volume ever published. I own several One Piece Portrait of Pirates (POP) statues. These eight statues are more or less the pride and joy of my collection as a whole, so I thought it would be a good idea to kick off these reviews with one of my favorite POPs, the "Strong Edition" Franky!

Now, I will assume that not everyone who reads this blog (I know there are at least 3 of you out there!) are fans of One Piece. That said, here's a little backstory on this character:

Franky is the Shipwright for the main characters of One Piece, The Straw Hat Pirates. Franky was originally a villain, but it turned out his reasons for being villainous were somewhat noble, and rooted in an intense hatred of the World Government. He ends up being the 8th person to join the Straw Hats. Franky is my favorite Straw Hat. He's a funny character. He's very over the top and goofy, but he can still fight. And, like most One Piece characters, he's very noble. Also, I absolutely LOVE that Franky's nationality is American. That's how Americans are perceived by Eiichiro Oda, the writer/artist of One Piece- Obnoxious, loud, hairy maniacs who run around in speedos and crap like that. It's HILARIOUS.

This figure is based on Franky's appearance from the One Piece film, Strong World, so his outfit is slightly different. Now, I know I stated that this is one of my favorite One Piece statues... Find out why, after the jump.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Favorable Forecast for Figure Fraction/Healthy iTunes feed!

As probably promised, this week will yield a new podcast episode and our first installment of the weekly minicast wrap up. In another first, be on the look out for our first ever guest episode. Who's the guest? Subscribe, listen to the episode, and find out!

In another treat to you fan, the first installment of the NWC Figure Fraction will be posted no later than Friday of this week (just in time for the minicast). Get some insight into Geddy's views on figure collecting and the finer points of articulation.

It's a good time to be a citizen of this Nerd World Country so have your appropriate nerd documentation handy and head on over to our very own cozy corner of the iTunes store, using the convenient download button!

Welcome to your doom

Sunday, November 6, 2011

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Podcast Episode 2

Nerd World Country Podcast episode 2! Geddy and Scott talk about nerdiness permeating our social consciousness and argue over the merits of the Venture Bros. Look out for the podcast on iTunes in its revamped format and subscribe right here for up to the minute nerdnoodling!

Podcast Episode 1

The inaugural episode! Scott and Geddy talk Batman, Breaking Bad, and why the new Thundercats sucks! The first episode of the Nerd World Podcast in all its nerdy glory! Consume!