Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Ink Spill No.2

   The second installment of NWC's weekly feature The Ink Spill! As always, these covers reflect my personal taste toward the aesthetic of the art and are not intended to be judgements on any particular title. This week will mark the first issue of The Ink Spill that features a top pick. What is it? Why don't you just read on and find out, punk?

No.1- The Incredible Hulk #2
art: Mark Silvestri 

   What better way to start the weekly feature than with the Hulk fighting sharks? Nothing, that's what. Anyone who's even remotely familiar with Mark Silvestri's work on the Hulk will appreciate the super tight, almost sketchy rendering at work in this cover. Silvestri is, I think, one of the best artists there is right now at translating his interior page style to his cover work. His lines, framing, and overall sense of dynamism are present in equal measure within his pages and his covers, and need I remind you that this cover features the Hulk fighting sharks!?... didn't think so.

Publisher: Marvel - Available: November 16, 2011

You want more comic art? Well just hit the jump you greedy little bastards.

No.2- Fear Itself #7.3 (Ariel Olivetti Variant Cover)
art: Ariel Olivetti

   The second entry also comes from the Marvel camp and also features one of the most tightly rendered covers I've seen this week. I really enjoy when the more modern coloring trend in covers comes off with a classic look like this and doesn't overpower the underlying art. Fear Itself is the Marvel event and as it comes to an end, the wake it's leaving in the Marvel universe is massive, moving forward into the expansive cross title arc: Shattered Heroes. As I've tried to state before, my choices are reflective of cover aesthetic and not related to the story. This is relevant with this particular (variant) cover because Adam Kubert's original cover, I feel, carries more weight as the story goes, with Thor's possible impending doom, as hinted at by Matt Fraction. Still, I really enjoy this cover and its' effective poster vibe.

Publisher: Marvel - Available: November 16, 2011

No.3- DMZ #71 
art: John Paul Leon 
   DMZ steadily crept into becoming one of my favorite books ever, both for its' super sharp content and extremely unique art dynamic. Brian Wood writes the book but also contributes art along with the fantastic Riccardo Burchielli. The thing that has always struck me most about DMZ is how integrated and involved the art is in conveying the tones and themes of the story. Almost every piece of cover art is dripping with the gritty, propaganda like feel that goes hand in hand with the modern political aspects of the book. What I like about this guest cover by John Paul Leon is that it helps that cause with the minimal, bold, and direct art. Everything about the cover works so well in it's simplicity and its monochromatic execution is balanced perfectly. This is the second to last issue for the series and I'm sad to see it go. 

Publisher: DC/Vertigo - Available: November 16, 2011 

No. 4- The Walking Dead Weekly #46 

art: Charlie Adlard
   I'll never get over Tony Moore not doing the interiors and covers for The Walking Dead, but Charlie Adlard quickly won me over with his interior work. While he has yet to sell me on covers that are on par with Tony Moore's in the regular running issues of The Walking Dead, his weekly covers have surprisingly been some of my favorites in the entirety of the series. It might just be that I'm a sucker for red covers but the cohesiveness of the red, imposing weekly covers are some of favorites on any book running now. All in all it's a striking cover and it fought pretty hard for my favorite spot this week. 

Publisher: Image - Available: November 16, 2011

No.5-Top Pick of The Week- Batman #3

art: Greg Capullo

   Here it is, my favorite pick this week! This seemingly obligatory Batman pick might not be that surprising (if you know me) but I honestly did wrestle with other picks on the list for the top spot. I absolutely love this cover and will be damned if I don't have a print of it. Greg Capullo combines some of my absolute favorite cover elements: stark backgrounds, dynamic posing, minimal coloring, and tight rendering to put together my favorite cover this week and possibly one of my favorite covers ever. I have loved the incorporation of the white background covers in past Batman titles and I think Capullo utilizes it extremely well.

Publisher: DC - Available: November 16, 2011


DC just released this Francis Manapul variant cover for next month's Green Lantern #4 and it's pretty awesome! So go ahead and enjoy that.

art: Francis Manapul 

    So that'll just about do it for this second installment of my weekly feature here on the site. Check back regularly for new issues of The Ink Spill, updates about our other features, and subscribe to the podcast for all the past episodes and instant access to episodes as we post them. Welcome to your doom!


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