Tuesday, March 27, 2012

John Dies At The End Quick Review

I wrote this review shortly after Geddy posted his John Carter film review and wasn't able to post it immediately due to some weird happenings within the blogger mainframe. Anyway I tried to keep it brief so hit the jump to read it... or go back to watching porn.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

David Foster Wallace and The Incomprehensibility of Humanity

          Every so often, a writer comes along that you just sort of feel... Connected with. For my cousin, that writer is the Transcendentalist poet/intellectual Ralph Waldo Emerson. While perusing Barnes & Noble the other night, I realized that for me, that special writer is the tragic, Post Modern essayist David Foster Wallace. Today I decided that I would just write a little essay (For fun of course. Because as the name of this site indicates, I'm a nerd) about what I believe to be his ideologies. My respect for this man and his aforementioned ideals will obviously be very apparent in this essay, to the point of what may seem like bias. Know that this isn't a criticism or a review of any of his work - Just me trying to make sense of a belief system and man that I truly identify with. Hit the jump if you'd like to check the essay out.


Note: As a tribute to DFW, I will be employing the use of footnotes in this piece. They're much less obtrusive than using parenthesis every time I want to make a separate point or clarify something. Scroll to the bottom whenever you see * or ^ or some variation thereof to read an expanded point.

Note 2: This is only really a small sample of what eventually evolved into a 10 page essay, so if it feels at all lacking or short, it's because it is a bit of a dry run.

Monday, March 12, 2012

NWC Movie Review - John Carter

By Geddy Cahoon

A Facebook status update I posted shortly after seeing the big (Read: Monstrous) budget film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' highly influential Sci-Fi serial novels amounted to: I wasn't a fan. Scott's response was short, and to the point: "Then read the fucking book." And really, I think that's all I can say to anyone who viewed this movie, or is considering it. Burroughs' tone setting "Barsoom" pulp novels, upon which John Carter is based, are undoubtedly better than Disney's first Box Office Flop of 2012.

Hit the jump to read my complete review of box office bomb and future film buff punchline, John Carter.

Note: This is the first movie review I've ever done. Bear with me if it's awful. Or, compliment my abilities if it's amazing!