Friday, January 11, 2013

Top Fifteen Movies of 2012

by Alex Hajna

It’s that time. The time where everyone makes their top ten lists, and none of them matter, because they’re all just one person’s opinion (polls excluded). So, naturally, I’ve done one of my own. It consists of my favorite movies of 2012. Not what you think should be on the list, but what I think. Not what should be at the Oscars (although some will be), but what I think were the best of 2012. They are merely my favorite films of this past year. The movies I enjoyed the most. Now that I got that disclaimer out of the way...

The norm is to make a top ten list. Well eff that. This year was the one of the best years for movies in all of my life, so I’m doing a top fifteen. Is that cheating? Maybe. But ten is just too damn hard. There were movies I didn’t want to put into my top ten, but I just couldn’t exclude them, either. These movies damn well deserve to be on a list.

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