Sunday, January 22, 2012

Debris - Short Story

Figured I'd throw this up here for anyone interested. Enjoy.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ink Spill No.5

   Sorry for the delay! I wanted to do a big new year 'issue' of the Spill rounding up a bunch of cool titles bridging the gap of the year that just passed... instead I just wound up doing other things much less relevant to this site. But I don't really need to apologize because this is my safe space and I can do whatever I damn well please (even forego the wearing of pants). Leg coverings aside, this shit is back so buckle up!

No. 1 - Caligula No. 6
Caligula #6 (of 6)
art: Jacen Burrows

   This pick is the result of sort of stumbling through current stuff that's just floating around outside of the big publishers. While I'm not crazy about a lot of the visual elements this cover has going on I'm a huge sucker for anything Caligula related and I think him having his own comic is very long overdue. Also the warped joy this rendering reflects in the face of being stabbed an inhuman amount of times and being fully impaled is probably worth the price of the book in itself. 

Publisher: Avatar Press - Available: January 18, 2012 

hit the jump!... or don't.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1000 Pageviews!

Hey everybody, we just wanted to post a 'lil update announcing that we've reached the 1000 Pageview Mark! Many thanks to all the peeps who have checked the site and podcast out. Perhaps we'll celebrate by actually podcasting soon! In all seriousness, it means a lot to have people checking out things that we've written and recorded. So thanks to everyone, here's to 1000 more and maybe some site growth! You nerds rule! Thanks for the third time, and Welcome to Your Doom!

- Scott and Geddy (NWC)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Game Review - This Is The Only Level 3

Hey everybody, Nerd World Country's Geddy Cahoon here with something... A little different today. For a while now, I've wanted to attempt to review a game of some sort. But, due to the scope of games and the amount of time that goes into a review of anything, I've always dodged it, opting to review action figures instead. Well, today, that changes. I decided to review the third in a series of very fun, very addictive Flash Games, This Is The Only Level 3. The reason being that a friend of mine who isn't too well versed in any things gaming related, and apparently gauging the quality of something based on whether or not I review it on this barely known website, kept imploring me to make a review of Jmtb02's latest gaming effort. So hit the jump to see if my first ever video game review is a massive train wreck, or a rousing success!