Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Ink Spill No.3

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the third installment of The Ink Spill! For anyone who is steadily following the podcast and is upset by the fact that we haven't put out a new episode, fret not! A new episode of the podcast will be up before the end of this weekend! So see? It's okay, stop crying... eat your turkey, go ahead finish it. Finishit!

-No.1 Aquaman #3
art: Ivan Reis
  It's a week of threes' for DC as the New 52 Aquaman run hits its' 3rd issue. Ivan Reis has done some stellar stuff working on Green Lantern and this cover is one of the most dynamic I've seen being released this week. While I'm not crazy about the coloring, the rendering is certainly there and colors are usually the least significant factor for me in a cover. Overall great stuff visually coming out this aquatic facet of DC's massive overhaul.

Publisher: DC - Available: November 23, 2011

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-No.2  Batman The Dark Knight #3
art: David Finch 

   Moving right along with the three theme is David Finch's Batman The Dark Knight #3 cover. I love David Finch's stuff and I've been bummed that his cover releases haven't quite matched up to this feature running, until now. It's also great to see that the New 52 hasn't taken absolute precedence over the multitude of other Batman titles that were running before the reboot. Batman Inc. due to Finch's involvement was one of the titles I found more interesting. Also Finch on The Dark Knight with Scott Williams' inks was enough for me to follow the book up until the whole reboot thing, at which point I threw my little hissy fit at DC. Anyway great Finch cover, with what seems to be some creeping influence from the Batman shape shifter Tony Daniel. I haven't seen Finch draw the cape this way before and I'm digging the changes.

Publisher: DC - Available: November 23, 2011

-No.3  The Flash #3
art: Francis Manapul

  The last entry of threes from DC this post. Francis Manapul has been becoming one of my favorite artists working now and the interesting co writer/co artist dynamic he has with Brian Buccellato on the New 52 Flash has got me intrigued and excited. Between his Green Lantern cover in the last feature and the stuff I've seen him do on the Flash, Francis Manapul is definitely an artist to watch and for me is one of the strongest positives working on the New 52. Jim Lee also did a variant cover for this issue and while that would normally get me very excited, that cover compared to this one is pretty boring. Maybe the reason I love this cover so much is because it reminds me of The Greg Capullo Batman cover that was my top pick last week, but I genuinely think Francis Manapul is one of the strongest artists DC has right now.

Publisher: DC - Available: November 23, 2011

-No.4  Hellblazer #285
art: Simon Bisley

  Simon Bisley drops in for a cover to add to the current Hellblazer run. I fell off the book a while back and it's one I've been meaning to get back into for some time. As far as this cover goes, I think it's just a fun, splashy spread that lends itself pretty well to the tone of the book. For as much time I've spent away from the book, Hellblazer is a title I always recommend to people and this cover might be what finally pushes me back into following the book and taking my own damn advice.

Publisher: DC Vertigo - Available: November 23, 2011

-No. 5-Top Pick-Fantastic Four #600 (John Romita Jr. Variant)

art: John Romita Jr

   I tried to no avail to find a sufficient resolution image without the text and other garbage so you'll have to suffer through it. It is a shame though because I think the text really detracts from this one and the first image I saw of this had more vibrant colors and a much more pronounced painterly feel to the colors. Nevertheless I am a huge fan of John Romita Jr. and he is probably my all time favorite Spider-Man artist. I love the simplicity of this cover and Klaus Janson inking Romita is always a treat. 600 is a big milestone and I'm glad the Fantastic Four are getting interesting variants to go along with the anniversary. After being mildly interested in the Future Foundation (mainly because of those kick ass costumes) it's cool to have the FF back in their classic iteration, while not kicking Spidey to the curb yet.

Publisher: Marvel - Available: November 23, 2011

Again that'll do it for this week's Ink Spill. Enjoy your holiday, check out some great comics, and tell a nerd close to you that you're thankful to have them and their neuroses in your life.

Welcome to your doom.


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