Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises... then Returns.

by Scott Speegle

Batman. The consensus over here is that we like him. A lot. The thing is though that these days just about everybody and their mother likes Batman. The nerds don't own him anymore. We lost whatever battle it was that decided he belonged to everyone and now we have to live with the fallout. This isn't all bad however in that, just like everything else, with greater exposure to a wider variety of creative people, properties like comic characters should see changes that increase their depth and add to what makes them interesting.
This has largely been the case with Batman thus far. What the promotional image above strongly implies and communicates are a wide variety of very serious promises with far reaching implications. As arguably one of the most anticipated films ever, The Dark Knight Rises has a lot of challenges in dealing with its choice of executing these promises or side stepping them entirely.

-hit the jump to read the full review. SPOILERS ABOUND. Also as a note: this review is written on the assumption that the reader has seen the film and is familiar with the characters involved.-

Friday, July 6, 2012

Scott's T-shirt design now up on We Love Fine!

As part of We Love Fine's Marvel villain shirt design contest Scott has submitted this original Thanos design. Check it out on We Love Fine's website via the link below and if you like it, rate it! There's cash prizes at stake and that shit can always help. Rate and leave a comment here and there might be some kind of original art give away incentive. The rating period opens soon so reminders will be flying.

We know damn well that you want this bitch on your nerdy little torso.

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