Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mini-Cast Mishap

So I just realized (just meaning last night as I pushed my naked lover Alfonse off of me at four in the morning after a heated gay sex marathon) that things have been somewhat falling off of schedule here at the Nerd World headquarters. One of those things being the end of the week mini-cast that we have been trying to do to supplement the longer weekly podcast.
Frankly, I'm aware that no one cares at all whether we put up a mini-cast, or a regular podcast for that matter, but still I guess it's the principle of the thing that has me peeved. Yeah I just said peeved, cry about it. Anyway, depending on how things go we might not continue it as a regular feature or we may get our shit together and do it as a weekly thing. Either way you fans are what's important. So please keep giving your overwhelming support and continue throwing tons of money and love our way. Thank you so much.


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