Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ink Spill No.5

   Sorry for the delay! I wanted to do a big new year 'issue' of the Spill rounding up a bunch of cool titles bridging the gap of the year that just passed... instead I just wound up doing other things much less relevant to this site. But I don't really need to apologize because this is my safe space and I can do whatever I damn well please (even forego the wearing of pants). Leg coverings aside, this shit is back so buckle up!

No. 1 - Caligula No. 6
Caligula #6 (of 6)
art: Jacen Burrows

   This pick is the result of sort of stumbling through current stuff that's just floating around outside of the big publishers. While I'm not crazy about a lot of the visual elements this cover has going on I'm a huge sucker for anything Caligula related and I think him having his own comic is very long overdue. Also the warped joy this rendering reflects in the face of being stabbed an inhuman amount of times and being fully impaled is probably worth the price of the book in itself. 

Publisher: Avatar Press - Available: January 18, 2012 

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No. 2 - Batman No. 5 (Adam Kubert Variant Cover)
                                                                   art: Andy Kubert 

   Obviously it wasn't going to take too long to get some Batman back in here for the new year and while I'm aware that's pretty much mid January, for the purpose of this feature I'm writing and posting this at an appropriate time to even acknowledge the new year as a thing. On to the subject of the actual cover! I can't say I love this cover and I think Greg Capullo handles his a bit better (keep scrollin' down to see it.). I am however a big fan of Andy Kubert and he's really kind of selling me on this whole 'reboot suit' which I kind of hate, (I mean can this even be considered a redesign?) in that it looks so much like the Arkham Asylum/City costume which doesn't work for me on any level. Also I like owls!

Publisher: DC Comics - Available: January 18, 2012 

No.3 - Batman No. 5 (Greg Capullo Black & White Variant) 
                                                                         art: Greg Capullo 

   I probably don't need to reiterate my love for black and white variants but I feel it might be worth stating again that Greg Capullo is one of my absolute favorite artists to work on Batman. The stuff he's been putting out cover wise has been consistently phenomenal and each new one I see solidifies his place on my Bat-pantheon that much more. This cover has such a TDKR vibe to it in its starkness and grit and that really works for me. Capullo's rendering is per usual crisp and strong in its dynamism, even when dealing with forms in a state of semi-rest. Going back to the new costume briefly, Capullo works in it into a much more classic feel and for me it just looks a lot better than pretty much anyone else drawing Batman. I can't say enough about effective use of starkness in a cover and Capullo again manages to make me hate him for how much of a better artist he is than me. 

Publisher: DC Comics - Available: January 18, 2012

No. 4 - Nightwing No.5 
Nightwing #5
                                                                   art: Eddy Barrows 

    Another New 52 piece for this week. Nightwing's new costume has done nothing for me since I first saw it, mostly because of how unnecessary it is. That aside, I like the painterly feel to this cover and the rendering effects used. The premise of Nightwing fighting some kind of demon thing is almost too absurd to even comment on but it's somehow necessary given the pure 'not one shit giving' attitude that's behind conceiving of this encounter. 

Publisher: DC Comics - Available: January 18, 2012 

No. 5 -  Invincible Iron Man #512
Invincible Iron Man #512
                                                                   art: Salvador Larroca

    Nothing's really been popping for me this week in Marvel Land but Salvador Larroca working on Iron Man is one of those guys who's reliable in his cover quality. Larroca gets better on Iron Man with every cover he does and the sheer intricacy of this one is enough for me to be interested in his interior work. There was a period on Iron Man when Larocca's rendering seemed like it was something less then crisp and clean but this (and some of the other covers of his I've featured) certainly moves away from that in full force. 

Publisher: Marvel Comics - Available: January 18, 2012

This Week's Top Pick- Venom No. 12
Venom #12
                                                                       art: Tony Moore

  Those who know me know that Tony Moore is one of my favorite comic artists and this cover is probably one my new favorite reasons why. With all of my problems with the horrible new Venom costume this cover is just so quintessentially Tony Moore that I can easily look past those gripes. I mean seriously, Venom is fighting a guy with a flaming pumpkin for a head and he's shooting him right in his flaming pumpkin face! If you don't think that's awesome then you need to leave this site right now. I mean it, get out. If you are still here reading this then that means that you do find this cover awesome and that means we should be friends and hang out some time.    

Publisher: Marvel Comics - Available: January 18, 2012 

Well that's another one of these things down the drain. Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for your continued patronage to this site. This is of course working on the assumption that you find me and my taste in things incredibly cool and handsome and you wish to take this thing to the next level by offering your brains up to me to do what I will with them. (Spoiler alert: I'm going to eat them)



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