Saturday, December 3, 2011

Update on All Things NWC

Hey everybody, Geddy here. Just wanted to pop in and inform anyone who may be waiting for it that the Figure Fraction will be a Bi-Weekly thing going forward. I already write for two other websites, (My column is "The Cahoon Run Down") and They're Pro-Wrestling sites, for anyone reading this interested in that sort of thing. Point is, I can't possibly write three articles a week and balance that with school. It's too hectic and difficult. I love writing on the internet, but I need a break every now and then. So for anyone wondering where the Fraction is this week, it will return next week, and be done every other week for the forseeable future. Also, Scott has informed me that it's a "Shitty week for covers," so no Ink Spill either. Possibly going to skip the Podcast this week as well. It's a slow week! Keep checking the site for updates and any new content if we do get around to it. Sate yourself with all the other crap on here until we get off of our lazy asses and do some work, and Welcome to Your Doom!

- Geddy

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